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East Hill appears on more of the postcards in my collection than any other place in the village. Continuing the 'tour' brings us to the view from just beyond the church, looking up the Hill.



The view from outside the main church gate. These are from Hill & Rowney's "Beauty Spots of Dorset" series and date

from before 1913, as the building in the centre has a thatched roof, gone by the time of the next postcard.



A similar view on a Frith postcard, catalogued as 1913, although the card is postmarked 1945



My 2007 photograph shows only minor changes. The village Post Office, the red-roofed

building in the centre has lost its sloping roofed extension. It is now no longer a Post Office.



This watercolour by artist Harold Sheild shows the same view in the 1960s - note the TV aerial

on the house in the centre. The village Post Office still has a remnant of its extension.



Virtually no changes in 2006.


No date on the postcard, but probably 1930s or 1940s. The photograph shows the same changes as above.


Crossing the bridge and going up to the bend in the road reveals the view to the top of East Hill.

This postcard dates from the 1950s or 1960s - there is a TV aerial on the Post Office chimney, but

the extension is still there.


This card is postmarked 1973, and as in Harold Sheild's watercolour, shows a sloping end to the wall where the

extension had been. Otherwise little has changed.



The present day photograph shows how the door to the Post Office has been bricked in, and the front of

the building rendered, when it was converted into a private dwelling.



Taken from a few steps father up the hill, this very early postcard still shows the Post Office with a thatched roof.

The publisher's name on the back is "A.Davis, Post Office, Charminster". This was Miss Ada Davis, who certainly

ran the Post office in 1906.



The Post Office might have gone, but the post box is still there. The building just above the Post Office

is now a garage.

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