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Continuing up Mill Lane leads to the top of East Hill.


This 1960s postcard shows the view at the top of the lane coming up from Wolfeton Manor. Turning right at the

junction leads to Dorchester, bearing left goes to the top of East Hill and the junction with Mill Lane.



Virtually no changes in 40 or so years!



Not difficult to date this postcard! A 'one-off', probably produced privately, with no indication of a publisher.

The postmark is Dorchester, 16th November 1916.



No snow in this 2008 photograph, but undoubtedly the same location.




Probably produced by the same photographer as the previous card, the postcard on the left was taken

from almost the same spot. The German POWs were held in a camp just to the west of Dorchester. The 2010 photograph 

was taken from a slightly lower angle; the original photographer was probably in the upper floor of East Hill House.

Although the hedge at the top left now hides it, the left hand  building with the slate roof is still there and appears

exactly the same.


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