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A Frith hand-coloured postcard, dated in their catalogue as 1913. This picture was taken from the grounds

of the village school.


                                 Taken from the same spot in 2008. The hedge has grown, almost                      This was taken in the road on the other side of the hedge. The loss

                                 blocking the view, but it shows the thatch replaced with slate, and                        of the houses at the lower end can be seen more clearly.

                                 the pink painted buildings have gone, removed in the 1960s when the

                                 road junction was altered. The Village Hall can now be seen however.

An undated Frith postcard looking down from 'The Triangle' in front of the Three Compasses pub.

Possibly 1930s but could be post-war.



Not quite the same angle, photographed in 2008. The door on the right has gained a porch, the one on

the left is now a window. The hedge on the left has grown somewhat.



The lower part of West Hill, to the east of the cross-roads. The card is postmarked 1966, which fits exactly,

as this is how I remember this part of the village in the 1960s.



2007, and little has changed. The rough footpath on the left has been replaced with a pavement, and

another house has been built on the extreme right, just below the (out of photograph) Village Hall.


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